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Managed Network Services

Global BD’s Managed Network Services professionals have only primary focus: to help enterprises solve network-related challenges. We customize and manage highly cost-effective and super-efficient Internet based services.

Managed Network Security

Companies who do not invest and have adequate resources are at a constant risk of security threats and with Global BD in the picture you can stop worrying about outdated equipment, hardware failure and increased expenses. By outsourcing network security to Global BD, you are guaranteed peace of mind access to seasoned professionals by utilizing powerful and the atest security technology and highly threat intelligence to provide comprehensive network protection.

Email Security

Cloud-based Email Security of Global BD’s solutions blocks all spam, phishing scams, malware and inappropriate email content before it reaches your network. Global BD also ensures outgoing email policies to protect your business from data loss. Always-on continuity guarantees that your organization has around-the-clock email access.

Web Security

Global BDs cloud-based Web Security services offers you the most efficient implementation of web filtering policy at your enterprise while taking advantage of added layers of threat mitigation. We will optimize your web browsing security with continuous updates, enforced Internet usage policies and reputation-based filtering.

Managed Router

Global BD’s Managed Router offerings can benefit your network from router provisioning, configuration and monitoring with 24 x 7 customer support from state-of-the-art Network Operation Centers. It can eliminate the complications and additional expenses associated with managing your own network routers—from router configuration and installation to management and maintenance.

Unified Communications

Global BD can help you deploy a flexible and feature-rich Unified Communication (UC) solution that will integrate with other business applications and provide you scalability with no capital outlay. Global BD’s comprehensive UC options provide businesses of all sizes with the voice and data services you need as well as total maintenance and support of the IP devices.

Managed LAN/WAN

Global BD understands that Monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, network protocol mismatches or performance issues can drain IT resources. Global BD’s Network Operations Center provide around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your enterprise WAN and/or LAN.

Advanced Application Reporting

Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) provides enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic. AAR provides detailed traffic metrics reporting through a secure web portal to identify users or applications consuming resources. Identify congestion and trends to size network capacity, make informed infrastructure investments and optimize network connectivity.

Managed Wi-Fi

Global BD’s Managed Wi-Fi is an IP-based service that enables users of authorized computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate wirelessly. You can choose from Fully Managed Wi-Fi and Self-Managed Wi-Fi options and Global BD will design the best technology and deployment method for your business to securely deliver wireless data services to every corner of your office.